How To Practice EFT

Many people now have started to hear of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and about how much it can benefit us
EFT is  one of the newly emerging energy therapies, that so many people are raving about these days. It is a positively gentle technique for mind, body and emotional healing and is one form alternative energy therapy. It works by tapping on or manipulating  the body’s energy field, gently stimulating the main acupuncture points with the finger tips.

Emotional stress can be caused by pain, disease and physical ailments and vice versa, so it is great news that something like EFT can provide such astonishing relief as it does.

It can reduce the therapeutic process, which normally takes  months or years down to a matter of a few hours or  minutes. We all should learn how to practice eft as it can bring a lot benefit to us and can even save us a lot of time and money for  medical treatments.

Here are some of the benefits that EFT  can bring :

EFT is a painless technique which can relieve pain, emotional stress and addictions. EFT works gently as  a gentle, non-invasive method by balancing the body’s energy system through light tapping on various acupressure points, mostly on the upper body. Many times in our life we are faced with the effects of bad relationships, family problems, traumas, loss, stress, depression, anxiety and personal problems. This can have a massive affect on our mental health and. These negative emotions prevent the flow of energy in our system and have a large effect on our health. EFT help release these negative emotions, unblock blockages in the energy flow of the body and resolve the problems. EFT can cure innumerable amounts of problems and can even  help with stopping smoking and other addictions you may have.

Other Types of Problems which EFT can help:

EFT can help with addictions, allergies, weight loss, headaches, asthma, phobias, abuse, depression, blood pressure, anorexia and many other problems you may have. By learning how to practice EFT you are helping yourself in a good way by enabling yourself to look at life in a positive way and live a happier life which is filled with abundance. EFT works where other treatments or techniques often fail. EFT can help with almost any emotional or physical problem you may think of.

Are you facing any of the problems which were mentioned above? EFT can help you tackle your problems.

Benefits of EFT  Over Other Therapies:

  • Works when everything else fails.
  • Doesn’t involve any medication
  • Can work on anybody even babies!
  • It is stress free and  pain free
  • No equipment or drugs are  involved.

Can be done on the phone or on the internet so it is great for those who are disabled and suffer from agoraphobia. Once you learn how to practice EFT you can do it yourself which makes you feel proud andgives you a greater feeling of self worth!


  1. We westerners are quiteself-assured about any type of ancient/chinese medical teachings. They (I mean we, I’m English) seem to forget that we didn’t know what electricity was 200 years ago. I think there are more forms of energy to be found and I think we should think about science in a different light.

  2. James here, I would like to say “wow” what a inspiring post. This is really a great collection. Keep going with your site, it’s getting some attention already =) – James

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